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Explore Your Treatment Options Without The Pressure To Choose

Unbiased Reference. No affiliations. No referrals.


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Recovery Guidance is the only website that gives you direct access to all mental health and addiction treatment providers both near you and nationwide. If you don’t know where to start, click on the assess yourself banner where your answers will direct you to the providers that can start your recovery journey.

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Families, Ask “Is This Rehab Safe?”

Kevin Drouin set out to protect his family from drugs, but he soon found himself searching a local rehab center. He gives us the inside scoop of what goes on in rehab and the one question every family should ask. Kevin Drouin and his family live 20 minutes north of Boston, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. More […]

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Is Recovery High School Right For An Addicted Teen?

Is it safe to send a teen back to school with his or her dealer? No! Recovering from addiction almost always requires a change in how we deal with people, places, and things. That’s why the McShin Foundation partnered with St. Joseph’s Villa to open the McShin Academy, Virginia’s first recovery high school. 

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5 Secrets To Achieving BIG Goals

Jack was beyond discouraged. In the online support group, Steve just posted a pic of his three year coin. Earlier that day, Tyler posted that he had 5 years, 8 months and 17 days sober.  Everyone around him was doing great, but Jack couldn’t get past day 18. Why? What was he doing wrong? What […]

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3 Ways To Control Addiction

Control is a hot button issue for many, especially in addiction. Those new to recovery often have to define what they can control and how they’re going to do it. Those living with someone who’s addicted may go to extremes: trying to control everything and actually having control over nothing. Here are three ways to […]

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What To Do In An Opioid Overdose

Our nation is drowning in opioids. According to the CDC 100 Americans are dying each day from an opioid overdose. As a result, more and more people are first responders to this type of health emergency. Because opioids slow your system down and affect the body in five key ways, bystanders must respond quickly. Even […]

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