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Explore Your Treatment Options Without The Pressure To Choose

Unbiased Reference. No affiliations. No referrals.


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10 Questions To Ask Rehab

Addiction care is expensive, and you want the very best care at the best value for your loved one. You also want a good fit and the best possibility for a good outcome. Treatment centers are not all alike, nor do they have the same services or philosophy. Personality matters, too.

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What Is Rehab

Rehab used to mean professional healthcare therapies to improve, maintain, or restore physical strength, cognition, and mobility. Usually after illness, injury or surgery.

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Is Recovery High School Right For An Addicted Teen?

Is it safe to send a teen back to school with his or her dealer? No! Recovering from addiction almost always requires a change in how we deal with people, places, and things. That’s why the McShin Foundation partnered with St. Joseph’s Villa to open the McShin Academy, Virginia’s first recovery high school. 

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Families, Ask “Is This Rehab Safe?”

Kevin Drouin set out to protect his family from drugs, but he soon found himself searching a local rehab center. He gives us the inside scoop of what goes on in rehab and the one question every family should ask. Kevin Drouin and his family live 20 minutes north of Boston, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. More […]

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Referred to a Treatment Center? Do This First!

Treatment referrals can be problematic. If you have been referred to a substance abuse treatment center, there are things you need to do to ensure your safety or the safety of your loved one. First, consider any referrals from friends, your physician, an online website, or an ad as a starting point for research, only. […]

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