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Choose The Treatment You Need, Review Your Experience To Help Others

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This Week In Recovery News 10-19

Here’s what’s happening in recovery news for the week ending October 19, 2017. Addiction Recovery Needs A Cure Highlights: Substance use alters your brain function, and those with altered brain function cannot control their use. If you’re under the influence, you’re not the same person you were before you began experimenting. Addiction doesn’t go away […]

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How To Protect Your Finances From Addiction

It’s crucial to be safe when your loved one has a substance use disorder. Protect your finances and possessions so that you don’t have serious problems down the road. Families With Drug Abusers Always Have Financial Difficulties Drug abusers (and some people with behavior addictions) need money all the time to support their drug of choice. […]

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Which Surgeries Pose The Biggest Addiction Risk

Some people who become addicted to opioid pain relievers begin taking the drugs after painful surgeries. Which surgeries increase patients’ addiction risk? In 2016, doctors handed out so many pain pills prescriptions that 3.3 billion pills went unused. Research firm, QuintilesIMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, ties this factor to the current American opioid epidemic. Some […]

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The One Question To Ask Your Rehab Center

Kevin Drouin set out to protect his family from drugs, but he soon found himself searching a local rehab center. He gives us the inside scoop of what goes on in rehab and the one question every family should ask. Kevin Drouin and his family live 20 minutes north of Boston, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. More […]

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Ten Things To Know Before You Seek Addiction Treatment

Searching for effective addiction treatment can be overwhelming. There’s many, many options, and each option offers many, many choices.  Since almost all of them promise a full recovery, it’s hard to know which service you need or where to even begin. Here’s ten simple facts to put your mind at ease before you start searching. […]

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Three Tips For Finding The Best Treatment

To find the BEST treatment center, first we have to define best. Do you want the best price? The best location? The best counselors? What are you looking for, and how can you avoid making a fear-based decision out of desperation? 1. Consider The Motives For Treatment Treatment centers must make money to keep operating, […]

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