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Welcome Addiction And Mental Health Providers

We know you are overwhelmed by digital marketing companies with tempting offers to sign up on one listing site or another, or spend thousands on content placement, ad words, or other advertising. We know:

  1. Marketing is expensive and confusing
  2. Not everything you do works
  3. Some of you have large marketing budgets to attract clients, but most of you don’t
  4. Some providers offer better care than others
  5. Consumers are worried about who they can trust
  6. Payers and consumers want transparency

RG is here to help consumers and those who pay for their care know who are the best providers, not just who are the best funded. RG’s low annual subscription fee should be part of your budget.

Subscribe Here And Expand Your Exposure

RG is more than just a website. RG’s national listings with profiles and reviews will be used by insurance companies, state licensing agencies, and criminal courts to give consumers nationwide direct access to providers in their area. When you subscribe, add your profile, and list your services, your exposure will not be limited to this website.

The Only Site That Provides What Consumers Want

  1. Direct access to all treatment providers across the full spectrum of addiction and mental healthcare nationwide, on one website, with four servers that deliver information fast.
  2. Reviews that give them the same kind of experience of care that is available in all other fields for all other services and products. Reviews drive success: you can’t thrive without them.
  3. An unbiased, even playing field where there are no ads, and all providers have the same opportunity and space to tell their story and highlight their services. Your profile in our search engine drives your traffic and brings clients your way.

Launching With Proven Success

RG is new and ready to be populated third quarter 2018. RG is the only reference site of its kind. That makes RG a national treasure from the get-go. But RG is more than just a good idea. Industry thought leaders, Facebook and Google, already call us the first real innovators in the field. With a trusted name and more links than any other site, RG will soon reach the top of Google searches organically. Recovery Guidance is a for profit company that receives its income from your subscriptions. Our mission is to help you serve your clients better and to end the addiction crisis.

Small Price For Wide Exposure

One small annual fee, and we do all the work for you.

  1. Your profile will be everywhere people look for help
  2. Your full-page profile tells your story as only you can
  3. Direct access to clients, no fees for leads and no up-selling from us
  4. With premium listing you qualify for content placement in our news section
  5. With premium listing we will investigate negative reviews and help you improve

Claim Your Listing Now from $100 to $999 annually, depending on the category of provider.

Contact us if you want to add a new listing.

If you have multiple listings and want to learn more:

Call Us: 941.366.0785

RG History

Recovery Guidance was created by the 2016 ASAM media Award winner, Leslie Glass. Leslie is the founder of Reach Out Recovery, the #1 recovery site in the world. ROR, a 501c3 nonprofit, has one goal: to educate and inform the 120 million people impacted by addiction. Leslie is an advertising and publishing expert and bestselling author. She also knows a thing or two about parenting and addiction. Leslie and her team did what no other recovery organization could do: They captured the diffuse recovery market by delivering first class, unbiased information day after day, just like any real newspaper.

Recovery Guidance  was developed over 3 years to address the  consumers’ need for a reliable, free, and safe resource to locate all the providers in their area with reviews to inform them about treatment options and care. Recovery Guidance is an unbiased for profit subscription site launching subscriptions in January 2018.

Advisory Board

Peter Russo, Founder of MagicJack

Dr. John Kimberly, Henry Bower Professor and Professor of Management, Health Care Systems, and Sociology at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

John Rollins, A Founder of Accolade and former Managing Partner of Accenture

Dr. Doug Marlowe, Chief of Science, Law, & Policy at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP)

Michael Wilens, ESQ, Leader in medical malpractice law and web development

Our Marketing Arm

Recovery Guidance has an exclusive marketing agreement with Reach Out Recovery. ROR is a nonprofit serving the public interest. Reach Out Recovery does does not have ads, but it does provide content placement with select providers where appropriate.