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 2019 Social Innovations Venture of the Year Award Winner*

The recovery business is not all numbers. If it were, financial geniuses would have long since solved the #1 health issue in America. The creators of Recovery Guidance believe that only actionable public information and direct access to resources can begin to solve the  addiction crisis. Who are we? We are two separate companies that work together. The nonprofit Reach Out Recovery (ROR) is the recovery website designed for the 120 million people impacted by addiction. Recovery Guidance (RG)  is the resource company that spotlights and provides a comprehensive directory of providers nationwide. You  can call Recovery Guidance the Healthgrades, Angies’s List, or Yelp for addiction and mental health. Addiction marketing is 20 years behind the needs of the consumer. Only 1 in 9 who need treatment receives treatment. Recovery Guidance working with the nonprofit ROR  provides real solutions for now and the future.

The RG Mission: To bring all stakeholders together to provide information, unbiased, verified consumer reviews, and direct consumer access to all modalities of treatment and resources that individuals, communities, and family members will need throughout a lifetime of recovery.

What Do Consumers Payers, and Referrers Want

  1. All the resources they will need, not just for one treatment or crisis, but to build many robust recovery programs for individuals and families as needed over the course of of a lifetime
  2. Lists of providers closest to them automatically displayed
  3. Elastic search so they can find whatever resource they need
  4. The facts about services offered: How are they rated by their clients and patients
  5. A database they can access not just from this website, but from many websites

We Brought Recovery Providers Together For You And For Consumers

What are your needs? You may need to fill beds, or attract outpatients. Your listing here will help. People looking for you will find you, and you won’t be placed or rotated according to how much you pay. The only fee is to add your profile. But even if you have all the clients you need, being part of the RG network and adding your profile is important for three reasons.

  1. Your listing may already be generating leads. Without activating your listing, people asking for services can’t reach you. We get requests every single day. And often we try to call you. Here’s the bad news. If we can’t reach you, potential patients and clients can’t reach you, either.
  2. The review component of your listing is active. Soon reviews will start coming in. You need to be involved with the review process by inviting patients you release to review your services so we can verify reviews. Reviews drive business and credibility. This is where the field has to catch up.
  3. Not least, If you provide services, you also refer services. Lawyers, doctors, psychologists, rehabs, sober living facilities, ER nurses, school counselors. Colleges. Businesses. Insurance companies. EAP programs all refer services. They will be using this ultimate directory and so will you when you need to find for your patients and clients additional services you don’t provide.

Free To The User; Subscription Site For Providers

Benefits of Subscribing

  • Low yearly subscription fee
  • No referral or click fees ever. Subscription referrals will come from dozens of sources at no cost
  • Even playing field, no ads, no up-selling
  • Placement is Geo directed, based on users proximity to you
  • Reviews are vetted before publication

Small Price For the Ultimate Recovery Connection

We can address the addiction crisis by working together. A small investment in the RG network helps your business and your recovery community provide consumers with the direct access to treatment they desperately need. Please claim your listing today.

Claim Your Listing Now from $100 to $999 annually, depending on the category of provider.

Contact us if you want to add a new listing.

If you have multiple listings and want to learn more:

Call Us: 941.366.0785

RG History

Recovery Guidance was created by the 2016 ASAM media Award winner, Leslie Glass. Leslie is the founder of Reach Out Recovery, the #1 recovery site in the world. ROR, a 501c3 nonprofit, has one goal: to educate and inform the 120 million people impacted by addiction. Leslie is an advertising and publishing expert and bestselling author. She also knows a thing or two about parenting and addiction. Leslie’s family needed over 30 providers in 5 states to achieve in 2019 a decade of recovery success. Her personal mission is to help millions of families like hers find and get the help they need. Leslie and her team did what no other recovery organization could do: They captured the diffuse recovery market by delivering first class, unbiased information day after day.

Recovery Guidance  was developed to address the  consumers’ need for a reliable, free, and safe resource to locate all the providers in their area with reviews to inform them about treatment options and care. Recovery Guidance is an unbiased for profit subscription site launching subscription campaign in 1st quarter 2019.

Our Marketing Arm

Recovery Guidance has an exclusive marketing agreement with Reach Out Recovery. ROR is a nonprofit serving the public interest. Reach Out Recovery welcomes content placement from RG subscribers and creates marketing packages with select companies where appropriate.

*Greater Philadelphia Social Innovations Social Venture Award January 24th, 2019 Philadelphia, PA This sponsored by Social Innovations Journal