Frequently Asked Questions

Is Recovery Guidance a referral Site?
Recovery Guidance is an information, not a referral site. Our audience provides unbiased reviews about rehabs, sober living, programs, treatment facilities, physicians and a wide variety of professionals that can help you make informed decisions about your treatment options and care.

What is Recovery Guidance?
Recovery Guidance is the only website that provides two services to consumers and those who pay for their care: 1. Direct Access to the full range of addiction and mental healthcare providers nationwide. 2. Unbiased crowd-sourced experience of care reviews from people who have been there.

Who should be using Recovery Guidance?
Anyone impacted by addiction and the mental health issues that accompany the family disease of what is now known as Substance Use Disorder (SUD) can find the doctors, social workers, therapists, coaches, rehabs, sober living communities, and many other healthy living tools they need to heal. The payers like insurance companies, EAP programs, those in the criminal justice system who pay and refer clients. Primary care doctors, school counselors–anyone who deals with patients or clients with addiction and mental health problems will use RG as a free resource for the informed consumer.

Is Recovery Guidance owned by, or affiliated with, any recovery facilities?
Recovery Guidance is not owned or affiliated with any recovery facility or government agency. Recovery Guidance was developed as a free resource and safe listings website to inform and aid consumers seeking treatment.

Who listed Is on Recovery Guidance?
A wide variety of resources and providers are listed on Recovery Guidance compiled from many sources. You will find a surprising variety of mental health care and addiction providers in your area, as well as rehabs, hospitals and sober living facilities nationwide.

How can I add a new Listing?
If you are a rehab, physician, mental health professional, member of the clergy, or recovery healthy living resource of any kind and want to be listed on RecoveryGuidance.com, please contact us immediately, so your business can be added.

How can I Claim an existing Listing?
Register on the site. Type in your name in the correct category. Click on claim your listing and follow the prompts. Claim your listing today to have millions of people see what services you offer and encourage your patients to share their experience of care.

How Do I Review my experience of care?
It’s easy. Find the rehab, doctor or professional who worked with you. Click on the name. At the very bottom of the page there are the ratings stars and a prompt: Leave a review. You must be registered to leave a review.

What are Comments at the bottom of the provider’s profile? 


Do I need to register to use Recovery Guidance?
You need to register if you want to write a review or receive information from a provider, or you want to claim or add a listing.

How do I register?
Click on Register in the black menu bar at the top of the site and follow prompts.

How can I contact you?
Click on Contact on the black menu bar at the top of the site and follow prompts.

How can I find a therapist?
Click on Professionals in the white menu bar to see the professionals in your area. Click on their profiles to see their credentials and reviews.

How Can I find a rehab?
Click on Recovery Centers in the white menu bar to see a wide variety of treatment centers in your area. Browse through them to see if they fit your needs. You can also search on the left side of recovery centers to select treatment options you’re looking for.

How can I find a sober living facility?
Click on Recovery Centers in the white menu bar. In the recovery centers section, on the left hand side narrow your search by selecting sober living.

How can I find a physician with expertise in addiction?
All the physicians listed on the site have an expertise in addiction. Read their profiles to see which ones seem the most appropriate for you.

How can I find recovery resources in my area?
Click on Recovery Centers and a wide variety of resources will come up.

What is an unbiased crowd-sourced review?
A crowd sourced review is a review that comes from someone who has been there, or a family member, who has been there or other doctors or professionals who have referred clients. Our reviews are the same as you would see for any product.

Does Recovery Guidance post only positive reviews?
The reviews are genuine. We do not pick and choose. We do check to make sure the reviews are responsible and make sense.

I was offered incentive to review a facility, Is that OK?
RG offers a free cookbook to those who write a review. And we do encourage recovery providers to invite their patients and clients to write reviews to help others. If you are invited to write a review or are given a gift to do so, that’s okay with us, as long as you write an honest one. Our goal is to help people make informed decisions about their care. Telling the truth about your experience is the only way crowd-sourced reviews work both for the provider and for the consumer.

Will I be contacted by facilities I have viewed on the site?
You will not be contacted by anyone unless you make a request for a call back or email information.

Will I be contacted by facilities other than the ones from which I requested information or a call back?
No, your information will only be sent to the providers from whom you have requested information. You will be contacted only by them.

Is my listing secure?
Yes. As soon as your listing is claimed and verified, it is yours alone. No one else will have access to your profile.

What If I get a negative review?
It is impossible for everyone to get five stars for everything. Your ratings will reflect the service you provide and the satisfaction of your clients. Bad reviews are often offset by good reviews. If you receive many bad reviews, contact us to review what’s going on.

Does Recovery Guidance fact check reviews?
No, we are like any crowd-sourced review listing site. There will be good, bad, and indifferent reviews. That’s the nature of a true unbiased listing site.

Where is the google-map-assist locator?
When you select a provider, a Google map shows the location.