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216 Saint Marys Lake Road, Battle Creek, MI 49017

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A Forever Recovery

216 Saint Marys Lake Road, Battle Creek, MI 49017

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When I…

When I went to A Forever Recovery, I was ready to start a new life. I was completely ready to stop doing drugs and everything else I was doing that was harmful to myself and others. When I first got to AFR, I was this weird mix of being hopeful yet, also jaded. I wanted to get off drugs more than anything but, I wasn’t convinced it was something that I could really do. Though, just the fact that I wanted to get clean, helped me while I was going through my program. Because I did want to get clean, I was more receptive to doing the program and really doing the work I needed to do. I learned how to navigate my life and my choices while I was going through my program. I learned how to not fall back into old habits. I completed my program at AFR 6 months ago, and while I’m still sober, I also have a stability to my life that I’ve needed. I learned a lot about myself while going through the program. I learned why I’d been making the choices I’d been making, why I’d been doing the things I’d been doing and where my reactions came from. I learned how to stop and take a breath when things were getting hard, how to take that step back, look at the issue differently, and deal with it, before I got to the point where using felt like a good choice. One of the hardest things about staying sober after rehab for me, was that I always had the thought in the back of my mind that every bad day would disappear, every problem would go away, everything that was wrong wouldn’t matter if I used. I knew the problems themselves wouldn’t go away but, I also knew that they wouldn’t matter to me anymore, and that was really hard for me to get past. So, while going through my program, I learned how to deal with things before I got to the point where I wanted or felt like I needed that escape. While I was going through my program, I decided that I didn’t want to go back home to my parent’s house. With what I was learning at AFR, I knew I could go home and stay sober. I also knew that it would be harder to go home, and I had family in Colorado so decided that I’d ask for help. Something I’d never really done before. It’s always been really hard for me to ask for help. It made me feel like a failure, so I’d try to do everything by myself and I’d fail anyways. Either way, I decided to ask for help finally and asked my aunt and uncle if I could stay with them after completing my program. They had rules for me but, were very supportive and they’ve been amazing. My parents supported my decision to go to Colorado. We all knew that it would be less stressful for all of us to have me living in a place where I’d never used. My uncle helped me get a job and I started working 5 days after arriving in Colorado. It’s been going good too. I’ve been on time to work every day; I’ve not missed a day of work and they’ve been happy with my work. This is the best record I’ve ever had with something like this and it’s nice for me to have something that’s been going this well. I’ve also been paying all my own bills and generally acting like an adult for the first time in my life. Before going to AFR I would have thought this life was possible. As much as I wanted to get sober, I didn’t believe it was possible. Being around the people at AFR helped me to see that even though my life had been completed messed up by my addiction, I could get it back to rights. The counselors really helped me while I was there. Sometimes, it was being to talk to me or help me work through whatever issues I was having. Sometimes, it was calling me on my bull and not letting me get away with something. They didn’t let anything, whether it was me or something else, hinder my recovery. I’m so grateful for that, going to AFR was life changing for me. 6 months ago, it would have been impossible to imagine my life the way it is now.


If my…

If my daughter hadn’t one to A Forever Recovery for treatment, I don’t know where she’d be or what she’d be doing. It wouldn’t be anything or anywhere good though. When my husband and I started looking into rehabs for her, we knew she wasn’t ready to get help. We couldn’t just sit back and do nothing though, so we started looking into treatment for her. When we first talked with the intake counselor at AFR we told him that we didn’t know when, or if she would ever agree to get help. The intake counselor was great though. He was willing to talk to my husband or I whenever we called, and he was instrumental in helping us get our daughter’s agreement to go to AFR. He helped us understand why our daughter wasn’t willing to talk to us about going to rehab, why she’d always refused to go and he coached us in the best ways to talk to her so that when we did bring up her going to rehab she wouldn’t get defensive and the conversation would stay on track. Without all his help, our daughter would probably still be using. It took 6 months before our daughter agreed to get help and the intake counselor, knowing that getting her into treatment wasn’t going to be a quick thing, still took the time to speak to her dad and I weekly. He helped us a lot during those calls, giving us advice, answering questions and generally helping us cope with our daughter being a drug addict. He also helped us get everything set up and sorted so that as soon as we had our daughter’s agreement to go to rehab, she would be on a plane, headed to AFR before she had a chance to change or mind or back out. Being able to send our daughter to AFR was the best thing for our daughter and for us. It was the exact right place for her and that alleviated a lot of our worry for her. It didn’t take long after she arrived at AFR for the changes in her to become noticeable. For starters, I hadn’t had a single phone call with her in over 5 years where she didn’t ask for money at the end of it, and where we didn’t fight because I wouldn’t give her any. When she got through with her detox and called us it was incredibly nice to have a real conversation with her again. Then, we went to visit her at AFR after she’d been there for 3 weeks and the physical changes were awesome. She’d lost a lot of weight because of her drug use, in the 3 weeks she was at AFR she’d started gaining it back and was looking much, much better. Her skin was also clearing up and she looked so much happier that it physically changed her appearance as well. As a parent, you worry about your kids. Having one of them start to use drugs is awful. Watching as your kid becomes completely dependent on a drug like heroin, when there’s nothing that they will let you do to help them, it’s a horrible thing to have to deal with. You’re watching your kid choose to hurt themselves, knowing that until they make the decision to get help, there’s not much you can do to help them. Having that kid finally get the help they need and watching them come back and start acting like the person you love in amazing. Because my daughter went to A Forever Recovery, because of the help my husband and I received before our daughter had even agreed to go there, she’s now off everything, completely sober and has been for 5 months. My daughter has been vigilant in continuing with her aftercare since coming home. She speaks with her aftercare specialist regularly. She knows that just because she went to treatment, that doesn’t mean that her dad and I instantly started trusting her again and since she’s come home, she has done a lot of work to earn our trust back. We knew that she needed to start working and doing something with her day but, we were worried that having her own money again wouldn’t be good for her. So, when she got a job 2 months ago, she worked it out with her dad so he’s in charge of her money. When she goes out to lunch, she brings him the receipt so that we know exactly what she spent her money on. Doing that, it isn’t something that she had to do, it is her money but, she knew how worried we were and is doing it to put us at is. Showing that consideration for her dad and I, it shows just how far she’s come since going to AFR.


Great experience,…

Great experience, very helpful staff!

-Jason P

My addiction…

We started looking for places and when we found A Forever Recovery we decided to send me there. It's in Michigan and we live in Arkansas so it wasn't exactly close but it seemed like the best place for me so that's where I went. It really was perfect for me too. The staff were great. They’re really nice and understanding there and yet they were ruthless about making sure I understood and could apply each part of the program I was doing before allowing me to move on to the next step. Through my program they also helped me by helping me find better ways to deal with my headaches so that I didn’t immediately go back to using the first one I had at home. I wanted them to keep my informed on my progress which they were really good about. It helped us in that he understood better what I was dealing with and how best to help make sure I didn’t go back to using and it helped me because it opened up our communication and I felt like I could really talk to him again. I’m so grateful for the help I received at A Forever Recovery and for the support I’ve continued to receive since getting home.


A Forever…

A Forever Recovery is an amazing place to go if you need help with a drug or alcohol addiction. The facility is setup really well. The building itself is really nice and it’s doesn’t feel like a rehab at all. The building’s an old lodge or something like that and it’s comfortable there. It’s not a sterile hospital feeling.The fact that it’s comfortable there makes going through rehab that much easier. The program itself is also great. There isn’t a blanket way to deal with addiction and recovery and at AFR they understand that. Which is why they have multiple programs and each program is tailored to the individual. Which is great, especially if you been to rehab before. Most people that have an addiction problem aren’t able to go to one program and never use again. Most of us go to multiple places, trying to find a rehab that works for us. At AFR you aren’t stuck doing the same program you’ve done before, just hoping that this time is different. You’re going to do a program that has the best chance of succeeding. There’s more that makes AFR great besides the programs they have. They serve good, healthy food. They have a great gym and yoga classes. They get that your health and happiness contribute a great deal to your ability to stay sober and they do everything in their power to make sure that you’re healthy in both body and mind before you leave. There’s also art and music therapy classes. Both of which are great and a lot of fun. It’s nice having that creative outlet while still doing stuff that will help you stay sober. Going through rehab isn’t easy and having that creative outlet while you’re working through everything is a big help. A lot of people go to one of these classes and will pick up old hobbies or start a new one. Someone will start playing the guitar again or start drawing again. Or you’ll have someone start knitting again and then teach others how to knit as well. The staff also create a lot of group activities for the clients, which are always great and a ton of fun. The best thing about AFR though is the staff. They are what makes AFR such a great rehab to go to. They’re all very dedicated to helping others and constantly go out of their way to make sure the clients are happy and doing well. There’s a lot of staff at AFR who have struggled with addiction themselves and they understand exactly what it is that the clients are going through and exactly how best to help them. It’s also a whole lot easier to accept the help of someone who’s been through it. A Forever Recovery is a great rehab, with great programs and some truly amazing people working there. All that together make it the perfect place to go if you or someone you love needs help with a drug or alcohol addiction.