Serenity Place Doctors Hospital

5731 Bee Ridge Rd , Sarasota, FL 34233

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Serenity Place Doctors Hospital

5731 Bee Ridge Rd , Sarasota, FL 34233

About Us

Serenity Place at Doctors Hospital is the only truly specialized voluntary program in the state of Florida for adults 50 years and older experiencing psychiatric symptoms which interfere with daily functioning. This outstanding program is designed for mature adults who want compassionate and help in a confidential inpatient setting.
The program is classified as an acute inpatient psychiatric unit by definition. Thus all patients need to meet level of care and intensity of service set forth by their Insurance provider. Some of the presenting diagnostics that we treat include depression, bipolar illness, anxiety, psychotic symptoms, severe self-care deficits due to major mental illness or grief and loss issues, co-occurring addiction and medical problems. All patients sign into the program voluntarily. Many self-admit without a referral, acknowledging they have the capacity and willingness to participate in the program.

16 private rooms
Dedicated wing of the hospital to ensure confidentiality and privacy
Treatment programs customized to each patient:
Treatment options
Individual therapy
Group therapy
Educational groups
Loss management and Relapse prevention
Group activities (music, dance, reminiscence, yoga)

Typical lengths of stay at Serenity Place average between 7 to 15 days. Most major insurance providers Including Medicare and Medicaid are In network for our behavioral health services. Our Business Office will help to determine the services your providers will cover and any deductible O’ co-pays that might be applicable.

Rapid Access To Services 24/7
Smooth admission process for referrers by calling 941 342 4461 to directly reach Intake

Exceptional Care
Patients receive thorough psychiatric, medical, and bio-psychosocial assessments by physicians, social workers, and nurses on the hospital staff to determine treatment and therapy needs. Patient participates in a full schedule of psychotherapy, psycho-education and recreation therapy groups that emphasize holistic wellness and coping strategies. Patients are given lessons on developing ways to become and to manage a more independent lifestyle after leaving the program. Acquiring these skills helps to minimize. but not exclude, the need for mental health services after leaving the program.

If you, a friend or loved one are having a hard time coping, the first step to feeling better is getting help. We are available to talk to you 24 hours a day.

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Who We Treat

Seniors or older adults


Multi-setting mental health facility (e.g.

Multi-setting mental health facility (e.g., residential plus outpatient)

Partial hospitalization/day treatment

Psychiatric hospital or psychiatric unit of a general hospital


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