What Happens After Rehab?

Recovery Doesn’t Stop After Rehab

In fact, it’s an ongoing process that involves:

  1. Committing to a new lifestyle
  2. Finding new ways to cope with struggles
  3. Using the tools and skills learned in rehab to support you going forward

Addiction Aftercare Improves Rehab Success

Aftercare programs help you transition from the safety of rehab to everyday life. They also continue to support your and your family members. Finding a program after rehab helps you reach recovery benchmarks. Additionally, Aftercare can reduce your risk of relapse.

Some people want aftercare support for their rest of their lives. Others only need short-term support, and some only seek aftercare if they start to struggle. Typically, aftercare is provided in an outpatient setting and focuses on:

  1. Preventing relapse
  2. Dealing with stress
  3. Helping  you build or rebuild relationships
  4. Dealing with your personal triggers

Likewise, Aftercare helps you learn to manage anger and overcome anxiety. It provides tools to help you understand and deal with family dynamics. Aftercare teaches you to balance the pressures and strain of work or school.

Where Aftercare Happens

Some aftercare programs are held in sober living facilities. Also known as half-way houses, people in these facilities shares responsibilities. They learn to balance the freedoms and pressures they faced before rehab.  Some facilities offer therapy or group sessions, but other aftercare programs do not.

Aftercare treatment options are sometimes overlooked because big dollars are spent targeting patients for inpatient treatment. Little publicity is given to treatment after rehab. The right aftercare program offers a bridge between what was and what can be. This span of treatment is a vital part of successful recovery.

Recovery Guidance has an extensive list of aftercare treatment programs. To find them, click on the Recovery Centers tab. From there, you can use the filters to search by specialization for aftercare programs.

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