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Reference Not Referral

Looking for the solution to the opioid and addiction crisis? You’ve come to the right place. Recovery Guidance is the only website that lets you navigate your own recovery. Here you can find every kind of mental healthcare and addiction provider wherever you live. Recovery Guidance was created as a free mental healthcare and addiction treatment reference by the founder of the trusted non profit Reach Out Recovery. Recovery Guidance won’t refer you to any provider, or tell you where to go or what kind of treatment you should have. We won’t share your information or pressure you in any direction. Our only mission is to provide profiles and reviews from people who have been there, so you have the information you need to choose your own treatment. We encourage recovery providers of all kinds, and recovery facilities of all kinds, to complete their profiles . We encourage every mental healthcare consumer who uses recovery services to review them to help others.

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-Write reviews that will help others make informed decisions about their care
-Request information or call backs from rehabs (You will hear only from the rehabs you select)
-Enjoy the full benefits of a site you will visit many times over your years of recovery

Where To Start

Click on Assess Your Needs to choose what kind of provider you need to start your journey. Recovery is confusing. How do you know what you need or where to go for help? While rehabs can be the first step, not everyone can afford a 30-day stay. Not only that, research shows not everyone needs it. Community mental health centers are a good place to start for evaluation and family care. Intensive outpatient may be the answer for you. Medicine assisted treatment with a registered nurse, plus a 12-step program and therapy, may be the solution that best suits your need. Every person is different. There is no one answer, but psychologists and psychiatrists and therapists are needed to help you and your whole family through the process. The Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction (Nov 2016) shows there are many paths to recovery. RG is the only site that shows them all.

Recovery Centers

When you search Recovery Centers on RG, you will be stunned to find a wide variety of resources in your area. RG intentionally put rehabs, sober living facilities, outpatient care, community health centers, 12 step programs, hospitals with psychiatric departments together so you can see, for the first time, all the resources your community offers.

How Do You Choose

What’s great about RG is that you can now make some calls and talk to people to see who you like and explore what you need. Consumers currently do this kind of research for every purchase they make. The mental healthcare and addiction treatment consumers have been waiting for the opportunity to evaluate mental healthcare and recovery services to make informed choices about their care.

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